Trampoline safety tips

Set Up
Put together the trampoline (and safeguard if appropriate) according to the guidelines given. If you have any kind of concerns or trouble, call our toll free code for support – 1-800-663-2261.
Establish the frame on degree ground in an area that has no outcroppings like big stones, no overhead
blockages, and no barriers within 3 metres of the frame in all instructions.
Do not try to enclose the location under the hopping floor covering.
NEVER leave a ladder, chair or various other item near the trampoline that would certainly enable a youngster to climb into the trampoline without guidance.

Before Each Usage
Guarantee that cushioning is correctly taken care of in place.
Examine for any type of damages.
Guarantee that absolutely nothing has actually been put under the trampoline.
Make sure that tree branches have actually not become the area over the trampoline within 6 metres of the floor covering.

Prior to Jumping on
Put on proper clothes– loose adequate to move pleasantly but without hanging textile or ties that
you could get mesmerized in.
Get rid of all fashion jewelry.
Vacant pockets.
Do not allow anybody under the influence of alcoholic beverages or medicines (also prescription medicine) on or near the trampoline.
Guarantee there is grown-up supervision for children.
Kids under the age of 6 must not use a full-size trampoline.
Do not bounce if you are pregnant.
Check with your medical professional prior to leaping if you have any kind of medical conditions.

During Consumption
Never permit greater than one person on the trampoline each time.
Never ever jump on to or off of the trampoline from an additional area.
Keep your bouncing reduced as well as controlled.
Consistently land in the facility of the trampoline.
Never attempt flips, stunts or methods.
Do not try back turns, somersaults or turning somersaults.
Regard your physical restrictions; stay clear of bouncing for long periods of time and also stop if you get short of breath or really feel weary.